15 Real Moms Share the Truth About Postpartum Depression

I gathered data from dozens of real moms who were willing to open up about their battle with PP anxiety & depression. What I found was how many different ways moms struggle with PPD, as well as how many moms share the same triggers or symptoms.


A Letter to the Mom Shamers

Dear Mom Shamers AKA Professional Mom, Perfect Parent Patty, Karen, etc. First off, I just want to congratulate you for being apart of the very small percentage of mothers who own the Official Motherhood Instruction Manual. You are apart of an elite group of mothers who, in times of uncertainty, have the ability to reference … Continue reading A Letter to the Mom Shamers

The Brutal Truth

Sometimes that honest truth about motherhood really is brutal, & it definitely isn't funny. Alright, settle in. Setting the sarcasm & silliness aside this time. It turns out motherhood is freakin' hard. I mean that's my niche, right. That's the whole reason why I started writing Ticking Time Momb in the first place! Exposing motherhood. … Continue reading The Brutal Truth

First Degree Sleep Deprivation

You always hear things like "Sure, you lose a lot of sleep when you become a parent. But your child needs you at all hours of the day! It's not like they're deliberately causing sleep loss! They don't mean any harm!" Sorry to break it to you but THESE BABIES HAVE GOT YOU ALL FOOLED!!! … Continue reading First Degree Sleep Deprivation

Please Don’t Give My Kid That Freakin’ Balloon

You see a cute kid in the grocery store line reaching for the $15 Spongebob balloon screeching “MOAN-AN! MOAN-AN! PEAS?! MOAN-AN!” ("Moan-an" translates to "balloon") Naturally, you want to give the kid a balloon because he really is adorable and look how much he loves balloons… Look, grocery store clerk, I know you mean well … Continue reading Please Don’t Give My Kid That Freakin’ Balloon