My Kid < This Wallaby : A Controversy

Well, you know what is cooler than holding your baby for the first time? If you thought, "There's nothing greater," well, sorry but you're wrong... Because today, I hand fed a wallaby some wheat thins. All I'm saying is my kid better start getting cuter or some shit since now the day he was born just lost it's #1 ranking to a marsupial named Faith.

White Parents – Take Responsibility

Listen👏 to 👏 me👏To my fellow WHITE parents with small children, I am begging you… LOOK UP. I BEG you to put the phone down👇I BEG you to REFOCUS. Look at your children.Seriously.STOP ARGUING on social media for 5 freaking seconds and LOOK AT THEM. Don't you see?!?They are our only hope.Our. Only. Hope. But… … Continue reading White Parents – Take Responsibility

Late to School Pickup: The Perspective of That Very Late, Very Tired Mom

So yeah, there’s a lot of things we do as moms and dads that we just don’t talk about.
We all make mistakes, and for me, this was one I was not proud to admit.

But after I told a handful of moms who have been moms a lot longer than I have, they all had their own version of “I didn’t pick my kid up on time.”
Every single one of them.

2 Year Blog Anniversary: Truth & Reflection

Figuring out the logistics of the blog probably should have been my first priority... but it wasn’t. My concern was that moms everywhere, on social media & in life, were in desperate need of honesty.