Sneak Peak!

An Interview with The Toddler: Part 2 Stay tuned this weekend for another dorky video featuring The Toddler!

Potty Training is Hard

The Toddler has reached a new milestone! Now, when he poops in his diaper, it’s not just a little baby poop. It is a full-blown, real-human, diverse-diet poop. His poop is officially at an all time gross high and I don’t know how much more my nostrils/gag reflex can take. So we decided to start … Continue reading Potty Training is Hard

Normalize Tantrums

Okay, here’s the thing about public tantrums. They suck. No one likes them. Whether you're the parent, the child, or the spectator, no one enjoys a public tantrum. They’re very awkward and uncomfortable and loud. Really, really loud. Surprisingly loud. Like, holy crap, I didn’t know they could get that loud. It would be great … Continue reading Normalize Tantrums

Piss Off Your Toddler by Taking Them To Disneyland

Disneyland! A magical place where your Toddler will get pissed off about EVERYTHING! The Disney magic will overstimulate your child until their happiness & excitement turn into blind rage & absolute horror👌 Suddenly Monsters Inc. is terrifying, these Mickey ears are bullshit, & Crush the sea turtle is the God damn devil. For just 70 … Continue reading Piss Off Your Toddler by Taking Them To Disneyland

I Wish We Knew What Parenthood Would Do To Us

I wish we knew. I wish we knew what we know now. I wish someone had warned us. I wish we could go back to that day we started trying to get pregnant. I wish we knew what parenthood would do to us. No one said how hard it would be on us. They all … Continue reading I Wish We Knew What Parenthood Would Do To Us

15 Real Moms Share the Truth About Postpartum Depression

I gathered data from dozens of real moms who were willing to open up about their battle with PP anxiety & depression. What I found was how many different ways moms struggle with PPD, as well as how many moms share the same triggers or symptoms.