October 1

Pardon the tardiness of this post. I was planning to write this to share with you all on Tuesday, but I (as well as many others, I'm sure) still find it too hard to go on social media, watch the news, or even listen to the radio on the first few days of October here … Continue reading October 1


An Interview with The Toddler-Part 2: “Story Time”

Back by popular demand! An Interview with The Toddler- Part 2: "Story Time" Grab a comfy seat! Settle in! It's story time!If you enjoy stories that have no structure, tragic themes, & harsh, abrupt endings, you're in luck! Gather 'round & listen (actually, just stick to the subtitles. You're welcome.) as The Toddler spins his … Continue reading An Interview with The Toddler-Part 2: “Story Time”

An Interview with The Toddler

"An Interview with The Toddler" Introducing the star of Ticking Time Momb: The Toddler! Meet Hendrix, the 3 year old turd bucket who is the inspirational force behind this blog!His favorite word is "poop," he loves to sing, & he is the sweetest, most silly guy I know!Have you ever interviewed your Toddler? I challenge … Continue reading An Interview with The Toddler