2 Year Blog Anniversary: Truth & Reflection

Happy 2 Year Anniversary, ❤💥 Ticking Time Momb💥❤

On this day two years ago, I launched the Ticking Time Momb FB page. I did it from my phone while at work waiting for my table to sign their freakin check so I could finally start closing the restaurant.

For some reason I decided that the right time to launch my blog was right then, after 10PM on a Monday.

Narrator “That was not the right time to launch her blog.”

I don’t think I even knew what a blog was (still don’t), or how to start one, or manage it (still don’t).
I had absolutely no game plan at all (yeah still don’t).

At that point, all I had was a blog name & a whole list of reasons why being a mom totally sucked.

Figuring out the logistics of the blog probably should have been my first priority… but it wasn’t.

My concern was that moms everywhere, on social media & in life, were in desperate need of honesty.

So instead of worrying about all the crap I hadn’t figured out yet, I simply started doing the thing I’ve always known how to do: write.

So I started writing the truth.
Brutal truth.
Not just my truth, but our truth.

Now here I am, 2 years later, & I still have no idea what I’m doing or where this blog is going to take me.

I haven’t made a single dime & I have the saddest website traffic you’ve ever seen. Every press release I’ve sent has gone ignored & every collaboration pitch I’ve sent has been denied.

Ya girl can’t even get a freakin’ free sticker or t-shirt.

But that’s alright, because here I am, two years later & my words have reached over 20 million people just from my FB page alone.

My writing has been featured on several major publications, nationally & internationally.

9 months ago I had maybe 500 FB followers. Today over 35,000 FB users (& counting) follow Ticking Time Momb.

Like I said, as far as the blog thing goes, I have no idea what I’m doing.
All I’ve really done to get to this point is write.

Guess the whole “total transparency, brutal honesty, bad humor, & toddler shaming” thing worked out pretty well after all, huh?

So yeah eventually I’ll figure out what I’m doing & I’ll finally become the famous, rich writer I’ve always dreamed of being…

But until then, my writings are for any mom who needs it. I don’t write Ticking Time Momb for the money or collaborations or brand rep opportunities.

I write Ticking Time Momb for the moms. I write for you.

Thank you.
So so much.

Keep commenting. Keep sharing. Never be afraid to speak your truth about motherhood.

You are not alone. We can do this.

All my love, Taylor ❤💥

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