An Interview with The Toddler

“An Interview with The Toddler”

Introducing the star of Ticking Time Momb: The Toddler!

Meet Hendrix, the 3 year old turd bucket who is the inspirational force behind this blog!
His favorite word is “poop,” he loves to sing, & he is the sweetest, most silly guy I know!Have you ever interviewed your Toddler?
I challenge all you Toddler parents to record an interview with your toddler!
Post your interview & tag Ticking Time Momb for a chance to win a prize!
More details to be announced…Get to know him more by watching this video:
“An Interview with The Toddler”


Be on the lookout for an all new Interview with The Toddler- Part 2: “Story Time”

A sneak peak to the all new “An Interview with The Toddler”

Author: tickingtimemomb

Motherhood Exposed | Raw. Sarcastic. Witty. Brutally Honest.

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