An Innocent Fall Tradition Causes Toddler Irreversible Psychological Damage.

Ahh, fall is the most beautful time of year.

The leaves are changing, the air is cooling, harvest festivites are in full swing….

What a perfect time to cause irreversible psychological & emotional damage on a 2 year old.

The phrase “DAY-DAYS” translates to the word “PUMPKIN”***

Fast forward 30 years…

The Toddler, now a grown man, lies down on the worn leather couch in his psychologist’s office. He twiddles his thumbs & stares at the ceiling.

“I don’t know, Doc….” he mutters as a single tear rolls down his cheek.

“That one time my mom carved a face out of that pumpkin really messed me up.”

A Helpful Tip:
Using a giant knife to stab holes into your kid’s favorite object may send off a “oh-my-god-my-parents-are-psycho-murderers” vibe. Instead, I guess you’ll just have to fingerpaint the damn thing until your kid toughens up a bit.


Author: tickingtimemomb

Motherhood Exposed | Raw. Sarcastic. Witty. Brutally Honest.

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