Today’s Meltdown Brought to You By a DVD


Since we stream almost all of our movies, the Toddler is not familiar with DVD’s or how they work…

All he knows is that they are confusing & he HATES them.

The Toddler thought the disc was a frisbee & the case was a book.

So when I put his frisbee in the DVD player & wouldn’t read the story of Peter freakin’ Pan from a DVD case, he lost his mind.

Boy, I’d hate to see his reaction to a VHS tape.


Author: tickingtimemomb

Motherhood Exposed | Raw. Sarcastic. Witty. Brutally Honest.

2 thoughts

  1. I found your b;og in the wordpress reader. I have enjoyed reading your posts this afternoon. This one is just too funny. I hope you continue posting so others will read. You have a great sense of humor, and you speak truth with a smile at the same time. Thanks for a smile this afternoon.

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