Today’s Meltdown Brought to You By a DVD


Since we stream almost all of our movies, the Toddler is not familiar with DVD’s or how they work…

All he knows is that they are confusing & he HATES them.

The Toddler thought the disc was a frisbee & the case was a book.

So when I put his frisbee in the DVD player & wouldn’t read the story of Peter freakin’ Pan from a DVD case, he lost his mind.

Boy, I’d hate to see his reaction to a VHS tape.

2 thoughts on “Today’s Meltdown Brought to You By a DVD

  1. I found your b;og in the wordpress reader. I have enjoyed reading your posts this afternoon. This one is just too funny. I hope you continue posting so others will read. You have a great sense of humor, and you speak truth with a smile at the same time. Thanks for a smile this afternoon.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, Ron! I’m so glad you enjoyed reading! Your feedback made my day. Check out my Facebook page! I’m more active on there.

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