The Brutal Truth

Sometimes that honest truth about motherhood really is brutal, & it definitely isn’t funny.

Alright, settle in.
Setting the sarcasm & silliness aside this time.

It turns out motherhood is freakin’ hard.

I mean that’s my niche, right. That’s the whole reason why I started writing Ticking Time Momb in the first place!

Exposing motherhood. Calling bullshit on all the social media perfect parents. Revealing the ugly truth about raising a human.

So far, I’ve received a ton of positive feedback that can be summed up with:
“It’s funny because it’s true!”

First of all, I was under the impression that the only person who thought I was funny was, well, me.

So either y’all are easily amused or my husband was wrong & my jokes are actually funny…

Secondly, this blog is meant to be funny & truthful & raw & brutally honest. So when my readers are not only laughing at my awful jokes, but can really relate to the content, it reminds me why I started this project in the first place.


When you base your entire blog around “brutal honesty,” & “humor,” sometimes it can be hard to write.

Because sometimes that honest truth about motherhood really is brutal, & it definitely isn’t funny.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve put Ticking Time Momb on the back-burner.

One day I was networking & archiving entries & doing promotions & expanding social media platforms…

Then the next day, the entries weren’t funny to me. I was ashamed by my work. The promotions embarrassed me. The other social media platforms weren’t expanding, & I didn’t really want them to.

The moments that I would refer to as “Blog Material,” began triggering my anger, anxiety, frustration, & loneliness.

I was embarrassed by my writings. I felt stupid for promoting & expanding. I felt defeated by all the other mom blogs that were comparable to mine.

I felt so guilty.

I felt guilty for publicly shaming my child & using him as the butt end of my jokes.

I felt guilty for sleeping on the couch for hours while he played with his toys alone.

I felt guilty for being so easily agitated with my son, when all he wanted was attention.

I felt guilty for being snappy & rude to my husband.

Turns out it’s pretty hard to write about the brutal truth of motherhood when those truths are consuming you.

Like I said, motherhood is really, REALLY freakin’ hard. I’ve learned to cope with the hardships with writing & being open about them. But then the writing made it worse & I didn’t want to talk.

Then reality shoved me into arctic water, clearing the fog & paralyzing my heart. Suddenly my hardships were minuscule.

Within two weeks, two mothers who I went to school with, suddenly lost their infant children.

There are no words, there is no repair. I want to think that because I’m also a mother I could offer some kind of comfort, but I can’t.

Sure, motherhood is hard. It’s the hardest job in the world.

But if I’ve learned anything over the last few weeks, it’s this:

Be grateful for those “blog material” moments. Embrace the craziness. If it gets too hard, reach out. Be honest about the bad & celebrate the good. You’re not alone, Mama.

Most importantly, stay humble. Love your fellow Mama’s & lift them up. You never know just how hard motherhood is for someone else. Be kind. Be soft. We’re in this together.

Please share this post or tag a fellow Mama. It’s okay not to be okay.

I love you all,


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