Not Your Mother’s Diet Trick

If you’re here thinking you’re about to read about some crazy diet trick about corn & coffee, well then you’re probably new here

Because if you’re familiar with this Ticking Time Momb, you’d know good & well the only “diet trick” I know is:

“Get the organic fruit snacks instead of the regular ones, that way when the Toddler relentlessly screeches for ‘MOREEEE SNAAAACKKKSSS’ you’ll feel like less of a failure when you give him yet another pack.”

So obviously you’re not going to find any tips or tricks or hacks here.

Just a sad picture of my pathetic attempt at making dinner.

My initial intentions were good but Mom Life doesn’t give a crap about good intentions.

Instead, Mom Life derails your dinner plans with 2 poopy diapers, a Toddler who only took a 7 minute nap, a meltdown about a DVD case from said Toddler & the mountain of dirty dishes that need to be cleaned because every pot, pan, & fork you own is dirty.

So yeah this is as good as it’s gonna get.

Don’t worry, I opened a can of green beans & a fruit cup to go along with the Toddlers corn on the cob. Good job Mom!

Now it’s 8:30PM & I’m going to enjoy my cold coffee & corn & watch Beauty and the Beast for the 3rd time today.

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