Can we just talk about Moana for a second?

I should start by saying I freaking LOVE Moana.

The character, the movie, the story line, the soundtrack.

I love how Moana is a strong, independent woman WHO DON’T NEED NO MAN & has more sass than my 73 year old southern grandma.

But you know what I love about Moana more than anything?

When the Toddler starts in on his psycho baby naughtiness,

All I gotta do is call his girlfriend, Moana, & he straightens right up.

Because God forbid he acts up when there’s a pretty girl in the room…

Whether they’re 2 or 20, boys will ALWAYS play it cool when the hottie walks in.

It should probably annoy me that a cartoon character has more disciplinary power than I do in my own home.

I mean, the nerve of this girl to come into MY home & school ME on how to get the Toddler to chill out.

But I have to set my ego aside…

Because she’s the only one who can get Taz the Toddler to stop destroying my house & quietly sit still for 45 minutes.

Hey, I’m just glad it’s not Frozen.


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