First Degree Sleep Deprivation

You always hear things like
“Sure, you lose a lot of sleep when you become a parent. But your child needs you at all hours of the day! It’s not like they’re deliberately causing sleep loss! They don’t mean any harm!”

Sorry to break it to you but THESE BABIES HAVE GOT YOU ALL FOOLED!!!


Here, I present to you the cold hard evidence disproving the claim stating “our children do not deliberately cause sleep loss.”

The evidence clearly shows that a certain tiny person purposely stole and hid two essential tools needed for half-way decent rest after being told several times to “put Mommy’s things back on the nightstand.”

After hours of searching, the melatonin and serenity oil were found in the same closet that a certain tiny person was playing the game “Slam the Door” just this morning.

I find the defendant, Toddler, to be GUILTY of the charge of First Degree Sleep Deprivation.


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