Taylor Halfpenny, born and raised in Las Vegas, NV, is a wife, mother and author of the blog Ticking Time Momb: Motherhood Exposed.

With a thick layer of sarcasm, and a lot of brutal honesty, Taylor exposes the truth about motherhood by sharing her personal, unfiltered stories about navigating mom-life.

It turns out, motherhood isn’t all rainbows & sprinkles & butterflies like everyone on social media makes it out to be. Because of these unrealistic expectations, moms are feeling isolated & alone.

By being transparent & honest about the struggles of motherhood, Taylor hopes her writings will help other moms realize they aren’t alone in their chaos. She hopes to encourage moms to be more honest with one another, & to never be afraid to admit their weaknesses.

“Motherhood turned me into a time sensitive explosive while the Toddler is running around with the scissors which he’ll use to cut the wrong disarming wire.”

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10 thoughts on “Home

  1. They’d are little for a short but such an important time,how they need your Love and hugs,put them first,you will have to live with your actions the rest of your life,your children will never forget love.how do you want to spent that precious time with your child,when you think of others you forget to be unhappy or stressed and fun happens

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  2. Well said! Even though this admission to the early years of motherhood is true, no matter how many times you hear people acknowledge the challenges, you still feel like it’s taboo to voice this. I made it very clear Mother’s Day 2019 that I didn’t care about glorifying only one day for me just so I could wake up Monday morning and get back to the reality of what everyone says is just life!

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  3. OMG !! I just read this. I’m 60 but I wish I would have read this years & years ago. 💔. I am going to print this up and give it to all my grandchildren. I have 4 at the age of child baring. I want them to wait and understand. I also want my 2 kids to have this. It’s amazing. Thank you for hearing my cries even if it may have been decades later.
    Tears that cleanse my heart.

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  4. I cry often and mine are soon to be 10 and 13. I work a lot to help support our family and feel often like I am failing. I yell bc they I fight I yell bc they are terrible people to each other. Is this my fault? Everyone says no but who else is to blame. As mother how do you work through the pressures of being who we are? Love your blog. Thank you for putting things into perspective bc you look around and everyone else has the perfect life and kids.

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  5. And it still happens when they are teens. I sit on the floor and cry because I feel like I failed. I did what I thought I should. I really tried but some days that young man has a very bad attitude or just can’t pull it together. I think I’ve failed but then I remind myself, I did my best. Some days are just bad days. We’ll try again tomorrow

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  6. Hi Taylor, today I cried sums up so many of my days. I’m 60, I’ve raised my 3 to adulthood, now I’m raising my 4 year old granddaughter, I’ve had her pretty much since she was born. I work 40 hours a week. I have major back problems and I’m tired. But boy do I love this kid fiercely. I just hate who I become when I yell at her. So yeah, today I cried, and I might tomorrow too

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